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Aninizhar Kaadu

மணிநீரும் மண்ணும் மலையும் அணிநிழற் 
காடும் உடைய தரண்.
(குறள் 742: அரண் அதிகாரம்)

Maninirum Mannum Malayum Aninizhar Kaadum

Udaya Dharan 

Aninizhar Kadu is a project that got it's name from the Thirukural.

The project focuses on developing man made Rain Forests in small and large areas. These forests act as Oxygen factories, natural rain water harvesting system and a home for animals and birds.


1 Crore trees in 10 years

A program that actively works against fighting Climate Emergency. This program is planned for 10 years with the aim to plant and maintain 1 crore trees. You can extend your contribution as a volunteer or by adopting saplings or gifting trees or by fundraising for TREES, the environment NGO.

To achieve this goal of planting 1 crore trees in 10 years, we need to plant 10 lakh trees a year, 41,666 trees a month, 19,230 trees a week and 2740 trees a day. We believe that with a population of almost 1.38 billion people in India, even if 1% of the population contributes, we will achieve the feat. This program aims to be transparent and traceable, so every tree can be traced by it’s geolocation and every monetary contribution can be tracked and accounted for.

With the 1 crore trees standing tall for generation to come, 3232 MT of O2 will be emitted in a day and 602 MT of CO2 will be absorbed in a day.


We believe in Actions and we call up on each one of you to be action takers and dedicate this program to the betterment of the world we live in, because we have only one earth and it is precious.

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